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Are you looking for supervision as a psychologist?

At Keeping U On Track our Principal Psychologist - Shona is a Psychology Board of Australia approved supervisor and supervisiors registered psychologists, 4+2 and 5+1 provisional psychologists


Supervision will focus on your goals, skill development, case consultation and improving your confidence and capability as a psychologist.  

Supervision is a forum for: 

  • Reflection: where the supervisee can reflect on their work and learn from that reflection;

  • Accountability: where supervision is a process where cases can be reviewed and dissected so that there is learning and so that quality of work is maintained and

  • Experiential Learning: where the supervisee can apply learnings and integrate them into their day to day work;

Please call us or use the contact us form if you are interested in undertaking some supervision. Supervision can be on a one-off consultation basis or ongoing as suits the practitioner

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